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Google's 2023 Core Update Impact on Publishers

Discover how Google's 2023 Core Update has affected publishers globally. Explore changes in rankings, traffic, and content. Stay informed and adapt your strategy. Click for insights and take action!

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Increase the cost per view in the app. Get access to premium demand from Google & server header bidding.

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Membrana App

The Membrana App monetization solution will turn your mobile app into an efficient and stable source of revenue. Combine all major demand sources into one auction and significantly increase revenue.


High-yield advertising formats

High-yield advertising formats

Connect to the most effective advertising formats, video, interstitials, native blocks, etc.

Premium global demand

Premium global demand

Access more than 40 ad networks in one SDK. Get access to Google AdExchange and many more.

Server header bidding

Server header bidding

Bidding for each auction takes place in real-time, so you get the highest bid with minimum delay.

Expanded reporting

Expanded reporting

Access a full set of optimization tools, detailed reports, and a team of analysts that’s online 24/7.

Result in 3 steps

Integrate the SDK

Integrate the SDK

We'll prepare a simple startup guide for you. Our team of experts will prepare all the settings in a day.


Track revenue growth

You'll get an automated and effective advertising stack with all the data available on your Google Ad Manage. 

Track revenue growth
Generate revenue

Generate revenue

By incorporating the latest marketing technology, you can track impressive revenue growth. On average, you can measure about 25% of growth compared to what you get from your current solution.

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Mike Schiano, Co-founder

Membrana Media has proven to be a fantastic ad partner for SongMeanings. Being a small team, we needed a partner who would essentially become a team member of ours — and Membrana Media did just that. They maintain regular engagement with us; continually offering areas of improvement, advice and other suggestions. We find they're very honest and transparent. They set realistic, achievable goals without the fluff or false promises. Most of all, they care about our product and the overall experience of our users.

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Sergei Kozlov, Founder

With 12 years of website management experience, I never expected to meet such a professional team. There were always unpleasant stories that emerged during the process, such as pop-ups, redirects, sound commercials, and more. There is no such thing with Membrana Media. First, their "demand collision" model yields significant financial results. Secondly, the main difference between Membrana Media and all the others is the total optimization of all advertising processes. I would like to note the fact that the company's CEO is always in touch. Any issues that arise are promptly addressed within an hour, or sometimes even faster.

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Mikhail Krivda, CEO, Deputy Head

With Membrana Media, we got not only a partner and a consultant for all types of media advertising on our website, but also a great source of new knowledge, theories and practices for continuous growth of site profitability. Very impressed by their progressive approach to each iteration of cooperation, the systematic nature of each action. The results of our cooperation are very positive.

Andrey Boborykin, Executive director

It's very encouraging that new technological solutions are emerging in the Ukrainian advertising market. Working with Membrana not only significantly increased the efficiency of monetization of our publication in critical period for Ukrainian media, but also allowed our team to exchange experience with professionals with international expertise, which is the most valuable for the long term project.

1+1 media
Vyacheslav Lavrinenko, Head of traffic team

Taking into account the large number of the challenges faced by the Ukrainian business, swift solutions and unconventional approaches are required. We are grateful to Membrana Media company, who helped us to set up processes for interactions with the website visitors and to lead communication to a brand-new level. Thanks to the solutions offered by partners, content distribution occurs even more efficiently and productively. Thank you for a comfortable collaboration!

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