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Membrana Media is Now IAB Member in Three Countries: Ukraine, Brazil, and South Africa

May 19, 2023
Inna Andrieieva
Membrana Media is Now IAB Member in Three Countries: Ukraine, Brazil, and South Africa

In a significant milestone for Membrana Media, we have become an official member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in three countries: Ukraine, Brazil, and now South Africa. This partnership brings numerous benefits to Membrana Media and highlights our commitment to industry standards and best practices. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the organization's role in the digital advertising landscape and explore the benefits that Membrana Media will bring to publishers being an IAB member.

Understanding the Concept of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is an influential global trade association that empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. Founded in 1996, the IAB provides guidance, education, and support to its members while promoting the development of sustainable and innovative advertising solutions.

The organization primarily focuses on standardization issues, developing technical standards, establishing rules of the game, and striving to make the digital advertising industry more secure. They work towards reducing fakes, fraud, double standards, and manipulations.

Despite the fact that the documents and standards developed by the IAB are of a recommendatory nature, the organization has gained such influence worldwide that any decision issued by an IAB branch is mandatory for a civilized market player.

Benefits for Publishers Partnering with Membrana Media

Publishers partnering with Membrana Media as an IAB member can expect several benefits that contribute to their success in the digital advertising industry:

Access to Country-Specific Trends: Membrana Media, as an IAB partner, is among the first to find out the insights into the trends and dynamics of the advertising industry within the countries it operates in, such as Ukraine, Brazil, and South Africa. We can react fast to these changes and inform publishers promptly. Publishers partnering with Membrana Media can benefit from this operative information flow, staying informed about the latest industry shifts, best practices, and emerging opportunities. This proactive approach allows publishers to adapt their strategies, optimize their ad placements, and seize market trends for maximum effectiveness and revenue generation. 

Enhanced Trust and Reputation: Being an IAB member signifies Membrana Media's commitment to industry standards, best practices, and ethical advertising. Publishers partnering with Membrana Media gain the advantage of being associated with a trusted and reputable company that has met the strict criteria for IAB membership, as not all companies can reach standards of the organisation. This association can enhance the publisher's trustworthiness in the eyes of advertisers, agencies, and other industry stakeholders.

Access to Expertise and Experience: As an IAB partner, Membrana Media gains access to a wealth of expertise and experience through various IAB meetings, conferences, and workshops. Publishers benefit from Membrana Media's participation in these events by gaining insights, sharing knowledge, and learning from industry experts. This exchange of expertise can help publishers optimize their ad strategies, monetization methods, and audience engagement techniques.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Membrana Media's IAB partnership opens doors to valuable networking and collaboration opportunities for publishers. Through IAB events and working groups, publishers can connect with other industry players, including advertisers, agencies, and technology providers. These connections can lead to potential partnerships, cross-promotion opportunities, and increased visibility within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Influence on Industry Developments: As an IAB partner, Membrana Media actively participates in discussions and initiatives related to industry standards, policies, and best practices. Publishers, through their partnership with Membrana Media, indirectly contribute to these developments. This influence allows publishers to stay informed about and potentially influence decisions regarding ad formats, measurement metrics, ad fraud prevention, and other key areas that shape the digital advertising landscape.

Membrana Media IAB Partnership in Ukraine, Brazil, and South Africa

By becoming an IAB partner in three countries, Membrana Media solidifies its presence and commitment to these markets. Let's take a closer look at the significance of this partnership in each country.

Ukraine: Being an IAB partner in Ukraine positions Membrana Media as a trusted player in the Ukrainian digital advertising landscape. The company can benefit from IAB Ukraine's resources, events, and industry collaborations, further enhancing its market position and growth potential.

Brazil: The partnership with IAB Brazil provides Membrana Media with valuable insights and networking opportunities in the dynamic Brazilian advertising market. It enables the company to stay ahead of industry trends, forge strategic partnerships, and tap into Brazil's growing digital advertising ecosystem.

South Africa: South Africa's digital advertising industry is rapidly evolving, and by joining forces with IAB South Africa, Membrana Media gains a competitive edge. 

Becoming an IAB partner in Ukraine, Brazil, and South Africa marks a significant achievement for Membrana Media. This partnership not only brings valuable benefits to the company but also demonstrates its commitment to industry standards, best practices, and responsible digital advertising. By aligning with the IAB in Ukraine, Brazil and South Africa, Membrana Media reinforces its position as a leading player in digital advertising.

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