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Membrana team

Largest Ukrainian video advertising platform

Our history

"It all started in 2015 when, with my partner, we noticed that advertising algorithms on websites do not work as effectively as they could, and we began to study this problem in more detail. For two years, we monitored the global market and implemented the best solutions on our platform, and in 2017, as a team of the same two people, we launched a startup.

We achieved remarkable results in 2021 and planned to triple them in 2022, but the war broke out on February 24. We considered it our civic duty to find a way to help Ukraine in this situation and decided to speed up the launch of technology to monetize websites with video content.

As quickly as possible, we created a full-fledged team. Now, our work helps monetize sites much more successfully, saves lives, helps restore the economy, preserves employment, and allows us to support a charitable foundation for children who suffered in the war."

Mihail Kudriavsky

Co-Founder/CEO at Membrana Media

Core values


We take care of the entire work cycle, from analyzing your website to creating video content your audience will like.

Social impact

The video content we create increases advertising revenues for publishers and provides essential and relevant information to viewers at no cost to them. 


Our company has been through many historical events, including a pandemic and war. Despite this, we continue to be a close-knit team of experts, improve and adapt our technology to the new reality. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger.


We do everything we can to ensure you get an excellent result because we understand how much publishers rely on advertising revenue.


We always work as a team to unite our strengths and give you a superior solution in every situation.

Our mission

The Membrana team is on a mission to support independent publishers and help them monetize their websites to survive and successfully continue their activities. We also strive to keep independent the Open Web because it was born as an open platform! We do this the best way we know – by giving publishers new sources of income and resources for the battle against walled gardens.

Our mission

Work with Membrana Media

Membrana Media is open to anyone willing to share our vision and goals, with a collective mind aimed toward growth.

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