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Improve editorial strategy to engage your readers by obtaining a

New distribution channel

Video on phones and audience engagement growth chart
Man watching video on a laptop. Increasing time spent on page metric.

Captivating video content boosts engagement and increases user's average

Time spent on the page X2

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Utilize the power of video content to build a deeper connection with a new

Gen Zs & Millennials generation

People of different ages and genders watching videos on their devices

Integrate our video player and boost your revenue growth

Chart depicting high demand

Headline Video provides publishers with high-quality video inventory. Our product embodies the pure In-Stream format at the highest CPM rates

Chart showing viewability increasing to 100%.

Positioned in the prime section of the page, between the headline and the first paragraph, the video player has 100% viewability.

Video player on the page with click-to-play ratio exceeding 10%

The video preserves the page's native feel, seamlessly integrates in the content of the webpage, and increases the Click-to-Play rate by an average of 10%

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