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Content moderation rules

Membrana video content moderation rules for news websites are crucial for maintaining credibility, respecting viewer sensitivity, and adhering to legal and ethical standards. These rules balance the public's right to be informed with the need to prevent harm or distress. We strictly adhere to the following rules:

1. Accuracy and Fairness

  • Videos must accurately represent events without misleading edits.
  • Should not misrepresent or fabricate facts.
  • Provide context to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Use reliable sources and ensure user-generated content is genuine.

2. Sensitivity and Respect

  • Avoid showing graphic violence or gore unless absolutely necessary for the story, and even then, with clear warnings.
  • Respect privacy; avoid showing victims, minors, and vulnerable individuals without consent (unless in the public interest).
  • Exercise caution with content that could be considered offensive or deeply disturbing; provide viewer discretion advise. Be particularly mindful of content that could affect children or vulnerable groups.

3. Website Privacy Policy

Your site must have a privacy policy, and that policy must be easily accessible and have a clear link on the site's home page (at a minimum). Your privacy policy must include:

  • Adhere to copyright laws; ensure rights to use or reproduce all video content. 
  • We have a license for all video materials that we use in our products. Video materials from social networks of public figures or websites of official government officials and institutions are also partially used.
  • Comply with local and international laws regarding hate speech, defamation, and privacy.

4. Commentary and Opinion

  • Clearly differentiate between factual reporting and opinion or commentary.
  • Commentary should respect the boundaries of decency and not incite hatred or violence.

5. Verification

  • Verify the authenticity of user-generated content before publishing.
  • Clearly label unverified content and update the audience upon verification.

6. Protecting Public Interest

  • Prioritize the public's right to know in cases of significant importance.
  • Balance the need for public awareness with the potential for harm or panic.