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Top 5 publishers' problems

1 min
January 21, 2023
Inna Andrieieva
Top 5 publishers' problems

We have highlighted five main problems publishers come to us with:

1. First, publishers get low income from the website.

Maintaining a website, journalists, and other professionals is expensive, especially during a war or pandemic. However, as our experience has shown, video advertising helps with these problems because it creates a new source of income without removing existing ones.

2. They have low ad click-through rates on their website.

Video is the most appealing type of content, which is why it improves all the ad rates on the website.

3. Publishers want to minimize the amount of advertising without losing revenue.

A lot of advertising pisses audiences, but publishers simply can’t give them up if it's their only way to monetize a website. Video advertising also solves this problem.

4. Audiences don't interact with content.

It's essential to create content that people will be interested in so that clickability is higher – this is also one of the perks of video advertising, as it's more attractive to the audience and gets more clicks.

5. Publishers want to reach a new level of revenue.

Video ads can be added to a website and show that they alone can bring in more money than all the banner ads. However, you don't have to choose! You can use all of these monetization methods together and thus realize the full potential of your website!

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