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Riovagas Case Study

Maximizing Revenue and Enhancing Brand Visibility: A Successful Partnership between Riovagas and Membrana Media

Riovagas, a leading job board with over 15 years of experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sought to enhance its revenue and brand visibility. This case study explores the successful partnership with Membrana Media, highlighting a substantial revenue increase, improved user engagement, and a strengthened brand presence on the market.

Introduced through a trusted monetization consultant, Membrana Media's manager in Brazil initiated the collaboration. The partnership, marked by its simplicity, involved updating Riovagas' ads.txt file and strategically placing tags for maximum video ad impact.

About Riovagas

Riovagas primarily serves a specialized audience, with around 90% of its visitors actively seeking employment opportunities within Rio de Janeiro and neighboring cities within a 50-kilometer radius. This audience mainly comprises professionals, students looking for internship opportunities, and individuals primarily interested in blue-collar job positions.

Riovagas stands as a leading job board in Rio de Janeiro and ranks among the top 10 job boards in Brazil according to Similar Web. The website attracts an impressive 2.5 to 3 million monthly visits, underscoring its significant presence in the market.

In September, Riovagas demonstrated its prominence in the online job-seeking niche with the following statistics:

  • Unique Visitors: Riovagas attracted a substantial 600,000 unique visitors, reflecting its popularity and trust among job seekers. 
  • New Visitors: The website experienced substantial growth, attracting nearly 400,000 new users in September.
  • Page Views: With a remarkable 30 million page views, Riovagas showcased its ability to engage users effectively, offering valuable content and job listings.
  • Sessions: Riovagas delivered content and advertisements to a vast audience, accumulating approximately 2.5 million sessions, appealing to advertisers seeking an extensive and engaged user base.
  • Impressions: Riovagas has seen a remarkable increase in video ad impressions, surging from 3 million to a remarkable 10.8 million video ad impressions since joining forces with Membrana Media.

Tracking Success through Revenue

The partnership embodies efficiency, transparency, and adherence to high technical standards. Membrana Media ensures punctual payments, making it an invaluable partner. Riovagas' brand is now recognized not only in Brazil but also on the international stage, solidifying their reputation as a trusted brand.

Benefits of Collaboration with Membrana Media:

  • Enhanced revenue by an impressive 60% compared to other ad network operators;
  • Greater stability and sustainability for further business expansion;
  • Reinforcement of  Riovagas' brand presence in their industry segment.

Membrana Media's Strategic Approach and Value Offer

Before partnering with Membrana Media, Riovagas faced challenges typical of platforms not primarily focused on news content. Finding suitable partners for video advertising proved a challenging task. Membrana Media recognized the potential in Riovagas' unique niche and quickly established itself as a key player in monetizing video ads.

Riovagas always tests new media partners, but Membrana Media's initial proposal, seeking to guarantee a minimum profitability to make the tests viable, was fundamental for them to understand how the company was committed to seeking new partners in Brazil.

Membrana Media offers two essential assets - a strong commercial sense and impressive technical expertise. While Riovagas primarily focuses on job vacancies, Membrana Media's contribution to content quality lies in the creation of high-quality videos. These videos serve as a powerful brand reinforcement tool, boosting Riovagas' presence in their niche and brings reliability to the site's users.

First-Month Triumph

In a remarkably short span of one month, Membrana Media secured its position as Riovagas' principal monetization partner, exclusively responsible for video ads in the instream video ad format. 

Augusto Schaffer, CEO of Riovagas, stated:

"In a direct way: everything is excellent. The service is unbelievable: fast and efficient. The relationship is transparent and focused on the best technical principles. Payments are regular and on time. It is difficult to imagine a more productive partnership."

"The videos produced by Membrana Media have excellent quality. They are an important reinforcement for the presence of our brand in the segment in which we operate”, added Augusto.

Tech Support and Communication with Membrana Media

To ensure effective communication and coordination, Riovagas and Membrana Media maintain a direct line of contact. This seamless communication channel ensures that both parties remain aligned and informed. Membrana Media provides constant support, with positioning recommendations and display frequency tests to seek the best delivery rate and highest RPM.

Riovagas has ambitious plans for the future, including the operation of new websites aimed at testing monetization strategies in the news segment. Plans include the launch of a nationwide website, and Riovagas intends to have Membrana Media as a crucial partner in this project.

About Client
Riovagas, a prominent job board in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, since 2010, ranks among the top 10 job boards in the country.
Monthly visits
The Audience
99% from Brazil, and 1 % international users
Revenue growth
60 %

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